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WhimsicalSky's Persian Cattery!

 About Me

     Hello and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Teresa Voigt and I am a very small CFA Registered cattery located in Chattahoochee Valley of Columbus, GA.  CFA Region 7!        
     A few years ago, I decided to leave my 40+ hour a week job to be a stay a home mom to our now 9 year old son.  Needing a hobby and my love for persian cats and traveling it was a match made in heaven and the rest, as they say, is history!!

     One of my very first persian cats was a solid blue persian named Balou that I purchased from a CFA cat show in Seattle, WA in the early 90's. There was no going back for me, I had found my soul animal.

     My hope is to not only breed for show but to also breed for the preservation of this magnificent breed for future generations. There are way too many poor examples of carelessly bred persian cats out there and I feel it is my responsibility and my mission to breed to the CFA standard.  

I absolutely love those big round expressive eyes and strive to breed for and enhance this wonderful trait while keeping to the CFA standard.                                              
     I am so thankful to I-Catchers and Sarthilda for our beautiful boys, and Last Call, Chastelle, Sarthilda and PL*Jantar, for our amazing girls! They are the example of well-bred persian cats. They have it all! Personality, cobby body, little ears, open sweet expression and those big round eyes...perfection! 
    I have been a persian cat lover all of my life and I could never imagine a time without one of these smooshy faced fur-babies being a part of our family. 
     I love, love, love, my sweet persian babies and rest assured if you end up with one of our cats, you'll get a quality and a well-loved and nurtured fur-friend. 

                                               ~Thanks again for stopping by!! 

Our home and cattery



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